Many health facilities run out of stock for essential drugs and supplies (including those for sexual and reproductive health) as a result of poor or inadequate supply chains. The individuals responsible for stocking health facilities often have no information about the causes of stock-outs or delays, hindering their ability to make timely and accurate decisions. In August 2018, media reports indicated that hospitals in Uganda had run out of maternal commodities such as oxytocin used to stop post-delivery hemorrhage, gloves, syringes, and catheters. This was seen as a fairly common practice as findings from a 2017 survey indicated that the country's success in reducing maternal mortality rate might have been reversed given the consistent stock out of sexual and reproductive health commodities across public, private and mission health facilities.

DrugDash provides accurate and timely information about the stock of different supplies at each facility by capturing information on supplies when they are received and recording usage at the end of each week. This allows decision-makers to know what is at each facility and can, therefore, make decisions to restock before materials run out. They can also redistribute supplies among facilities, from those with a surplus to those in need of supplies.

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