A team of young peer educators came together and created Health E-Chat, a mobile application and web platform that provides accurate and updated sexual reproductive health  information and services through animations, pictures, images, audios and virtual reality guided by qualified health workers. Health E-Chat is a platform for every young person that needs a safe friendly space to access sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information and services.

As peer educators they saw just how fast young people got bored with reading detailed information facts on SRHR and therefore decided to package the same information in a brief yet enticing and attractive way to interest young people. They also wanted to make a platform for young people to access SRHR info anywhere and everywhere at any time.

The Health E-Chat is defined by three aspects and these are;

  1. Service delivery
    Under this there is a unique feature called ‘Ask the doctor’ which this provides for text, audio and photo, options one can use to interact with a doctor with a toll free line integration for emergencies.
  2. Information delivery
    The Mobile Application contains information related to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Gender Based Violence and Behavioral Change (Drug abuse) with a variety of topics such as, adolescent growth and body changes, menstrual hygiene management, sexual and gender based violence, Sexually transmitted diseases, family planning and contraception, maternal health, life skills, drugs and substance abuse among others. This information is delivered through different forms, the most popular being the quiz, that gives you an opportunity to test your knowledge of SRHR but also learn.
  3. Youth friendly interface
    The Application is built with very youth friendly features making it fun and at the same time educative to the young person.

Their vision is for every young person to access SRHR information and services when they want or need it, and this is not just for Africa but beyond. They want Health E-Chat to be an app young people can trust to guide them in making informed decisions concerning sexual reproductive health and rights.

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