In Uganda, approximately one-third of women give birth by age 18, and adolescents’ risks of maternal mortality, miscarriage and other pregnancy complications, such as obstetric fistula, are much higher than the risks among women in their twenties. Globally, childbirth is the second-leading cause of death for girls ages 15-19.

In rural areas of Uganda, only one-half of births occur in the presence of a skilled doctor, nurse or midwife, according to UNICEF. As a result, Ugandan women have a one-in-47 lifetime chance of dying as a result of childbirth – and many of those casualties are adolescent girls.

The GetIN Team has designed a mobile App for Community Health Workers and Midwives to register and follow-up on pregnant women to ensure they attended their Antenatal Care. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends birth by a skilled attendant to curb the high rate of maternal deaths.

To date, GetIN has trained 140 health workers and registered 2,500 girls in Kanungu

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