Teheca is an initiative focused on providing good care for new parents by connecting new parents to nurses for in home and hospital care services after childbirth. Its focus is on postnatal care, ensuring that mothers don't die, therefore bridging the gap between when the mother has been discharged to her next visit at the health facility. Usually there is no link between mother and hospital/medical care in between the triple 6’s; 6 minutes, 6 days and 6 weeks for postpartum care.

Teheca was started in 2015 as a general patient care but later switched focus to maternal health care in 2017. This was mainly due to the increased health risks after the early discharge of mothers without even completing the set time for monitoring. Also, when mothers go for antenatal or postnatal care they literally spend the whole day at the facility and sometimes don't even meet the health workers.

Teheca is a solution for the urban setting because culturally when one gives birth they go back to their parents, aunts or grandmothers’ homes where they are taken care of but this is rare in urban settings where one’s home is out of reach.

So far over 350 likely postnatal complications have been averted and we have a quantified impact of over 40,000 mothers through our mama kits, blog posts, facebook page and the mobile application. We also do community outreach where we engage with mothers and also do advocacy.

However, we have also faced challenges trying  to provide postnatal services for example there are very many activities we would like to do but we are constrained financially and also in terms of manpower. There are features we would like to incorporate in the mobile application like payments among others that need financial resources. We also need the government and other stakeholders to acknowledge that we can be of help and therefore support us.

We want Teheca to be a household solution for every developing country, that the solution can grow to be replicated on other countries too. We also want to start a micro cluster where we group and pair mothers with one nurse at a much subsidised price. This way we can reach all mothers even those that might not be able to afford the services.

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