We believe that everyone has that one thing they were created to do but different factors keep distracting us from achieving it. So we say, keep your face up let no one and nothing distract you, regardless of the circumstance just face up.

FacesUp is a youth-led charity organization that focuses on mentorship through creating art for young people to grow in creativity, confidence, contentment, critical thinking and conscientiousness. These values are hard to build at an older age so why not start earlier. What makes our programmes special is that we have an individualistic approach, we appreciate that every young person is special as an individual.

Art is a platform that we use to interact with young people, so far this year we have reached 15 schools and 570 young people. We hold mentorship sessions in schools and our offices.

Most parents do not know the skill set of their children, their talents, what they enjoy and what they like to do. But through storytelling, acoustic poetry, drama and other forms of art, young people are able to express themselves and build their character.

We have a programme called ‘freedom from violence using creative arts’ and this was created to include refugee children. We realized that these children had different needs since they had been through traumatic experiences and when we gave them paper to draw, they drew pictures of guns, blood, pictures that reflected their experience. Under this program we address what they went through and then what they want to become.

Currently, we are piloting a program called Facesup store, a platform for young people to benefit from their own efforts, to be financially independent and have the ability to contribute to their own fees. And under this we have children joining the fight to conserve the environment by recycling waste into products like bags and selling these to supplement their income.

We want a world where young people are inspired to do what inspires them, where they can be guided and mentored to fulfill their potential at the same time have access to opportunities that grow them. A community of young people that have a social consciousness of service first, to better others’ lives and not just be leaders for prestige and privilege.

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