I-Profile is a non profit organization in Uganda, registered in 2015 with the main objective of creating a new generation of African Leaders, by focusing on the children, and offering them experiential training in leadership skills and financial literacy, while also contributing to the integration of migrants in the refugee communities. The ā€Iā€ stands for individual because we want to see holistic growth for every child as an individual.

I Profile started out in four schools with the aim of empowering children with financial and saving skills. Currently we are also looking at also empowering the children with entrepreneurship skills because different children have different financial backgrounds and these skills can help them come up with income generating projects and consequently save these incomes.

We have young children empowered through our different programs and they have now inculcated the saving habits because when we go back to the schools see the initiative the children take to track their funds. We also introduced the debt tracker because surprisingly these young children borrow and overtime these debts accumulate and they find problems paying them off. Having such habits at a tender age is a disaster because they are killing relationships and stop one from enjoying life to its fullest.

Currently we enroll children from primary three to primary six and have 540 bank accounts opened through the organisation. The future we envision for I profile is big. Before we were looking at a target of a million bank accounts but now we are looking beyond africa. We also want to have an incubation academy for children and to have influence in various countries and that it is automatic for even a newborn to have an account.

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