Ronald is the co-founder and Executive Director of Writing Our World. At just 29 he has ten years’ experience in youth and community service engagement.

His inspiration comes from the need to create a difference in his community and albeit he is driven by passion, he acknowledges that one has to have the skill and knowledge to back their passion.

Through Writing Our World we have created huge impact, children that had no vision are now travelling countries and contributing to social change because we empower them to be leaders. He believes that as young people we can empower each other. So his dream is to make Writing Our World work, to see how it can be bettered to reach even more young people and to do that he is of course required to better himself first by investing in knowledge.

“In Uganda, there are different challenges and a lot of frustration comes from thinking that we don't have the solutions to for example corruption. But let's not whine about these challenges, we may not be able to solve unemployment or the education crisis but what matters is the action we take to create the change we want to see regardless of how small it is,” says Ronald.

Writing Our World started as a university club that used to do school outreaches between 2009 and 2010 and was finally registered as an NGO in 2011. Its three major aspects are writing, debate and public speaking. Writing because it is a thought process and therefore fosters thinking culture in young people, debate because there is a need to criticise and build policies; and public speaking because you get to amplify what you have in mind.

One of the biggest challenges he's faced with is trying to balance his personal dreams with the work he does. Investing in soft skills like writing is not understood by most people so investment is minimal and so he finds that he gets what would have been for his personal needs and responsibilities and injects it into his work.

“When you start, let it not be about the money but service,” Ronald says, “once your heart is in it you'll keep doing it regardless of the circumstances. Passion will keep you going but once you find your passion you need to skill it. But the starting point still remains passion and love for community.”

Success for Ronald is to see as many young people mentored, oriented and inspired to serve the community, and also a change in the mindset service should be done for economic benefits, community service isn't like opening shop and reaping benefits in the next hour.

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