Who is Ruth?

Ruth is a 25 year old female entrepreneur with a passion for fragrance, art and good things. I am also passionate about nurturing women and educating the girl child.

Take us through your typical day?

First of all, I always prepare whatever I need to use the day before. My day begins at 7 am with a prayer for 15 minutes,  after that, I meditate, have a shower, get dressed. At 9 am sharp, I am ready to start heating, melting and mixing my wax.

Is that your daily routine?

Yes, because having a routine helps me keep organised say if I start work late I wont finish as planned, and if I don't pray and meditate my whole day wont work.

Clearly meditation is something important to you, why is that?

Well, first I do my meditation over music and it helps me clear my mind from the negative energy of the previous day. I can't risk transferring negative energy to my products.

What is your inspiration and who inspires you?

My inspiration is knowing that I don't want to be less, settle for less or fail to be the woman I want to be in this world.

And the person who inspires me is my mother, a single mum of four. She has taught me that whatever I want I  can achieve it. So I want to be the woman she is and more.

What is success to you?

Waking up and having changed lives; teaching girls skills for them to know that it is not only academics that matter. Also for Nkwanzi to win so many awards and impact as many lives as possible. But I also want to wake up and enter my mercedes benz because there's no crime in wanting good things, I mean we owe it to ourselves to get everything we want because we can.

Why is it that you are passionate about empowering girls and women?

I grew up with a single mum and was surrounded by single mothers too and these women have made it on their own. So I appreciate that women have to sometimes go the extra mile to achieve it all, they sacrifice the good life, just imagine trying to be a mother and chasing a career at the same time.

What is your dream and are you living it?

My dream is to be a successful female in everything that I do. I can say I am living my dream because I've reached spaces I never dreamed to reach and even made a product I never dreamed I could make. So yes, I am living my dream.

What Inspired Nkwanzi Scents?

I started Nkwanzi scents at a time when I was so depressed and did not see any meaning to life, it was like a soothing balm to my heartache and pain. I never knew something so pure and lovely would be birthed from a dark moment.

Did you study candle making? 

No I don't. I actually studied Software engineering at university.

Wow, that is completely different from what you're doing. Any regrets?

None. As a child I dreamed to be a perfumed and as a matter of fact, I used to memorise the scents my mum wore and I can still recognize them till now. I also wanted a niche, something I could call mine because there are so many software engineers out there but I can proudly say I birthed Nkwanzi Scents.

What is your advice to young women with dreams?

Just do it, you know like Nike says, Just Do it. Even when people say you're not good enough, just do it. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you're winning. Also know the woman you want to be and work towards that, do not get comfortable and sit on your dream because someone else will have it.

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