Sheila is a mother of two, public speaker,  youth mentor and founder of Nembabazi Mentorship Program. Everyday comes with the opportunity for me to live my passion and do what I love, which is skills development and youth mentorship. I am so passionate about empowering and mentoring young girls and will do everything to ensure there's an increase in role models to give Uganda a stronger foundation for leadership.

I grew up in Rukungiri in a middle class family and always felt the need to make a difference in the lives of people that were less privileged than me and did not enjoy the pleasures of life because I have come to appreciate the fact that it is out of mercy that I enjoyed a good life. So because of this I look for opportunities to give back to society, to support the less privileged by volunteering in villages and slums and providing resources to these communities. I love to see everyone understand their inner beauty, understand who they are and use that to better another person.

My inspiration is the people that have made it despite the different challenges, because it encourages me to know that there is no limit to where one can go and what they can do or achieve. Some of the people that inspire me are Nancy Kacungira of BBC and Humphrey Nabimanya of Reach a Hand Uganda.

My dream is to create a secretariat for youth to learn, interact and relax from the challenges of the world and to learn ‘hard’ skills not just the soft, and for many role models to come out of that secretariat and stand out and make a difference.

“Life can be lived to the fullest but it is like a jigsaw puzzle that needs time for it to be understood and time is a currency that pays off overtime.”

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